Remembering the "Mighty Ten"

Letter to Veterans and Wives

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Learn About "The Mighty Ten"

You may never have been in an ambush but the accounts of these brave men will change your life. Read the unselfish acts that saved others from a certain death. Links to each member of "The Mighty Ten" for personal stories.

Help a Veteran or their Family, you CAN Make a Difference!

Many people wonder how they can make a difference or help Veterans. You can make a huge difference but don't make donations to websites or organizations that use most of the money for salaries. We'll share a few causes that really help wounded veterans and their loved one's left behind. They will never Forget You!

The Roll Call, those that Served

CRIP Members, those that were part of the 2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division CRIP unit. How it evolved into a key part of the intelligence gathering methods against the vietcong and NVA (North Vietnamese Army) during the Vietnam War. The evolution of Reconnaissance units used today.

Photos - Members by Year of Service

Their Helmet, Their Photos, Their Stories, find out more about individuals and the years they were a member of the Recon C.R.I.P. unit. You'll be surprise how few did so much without anyone knowing they were really there!