25th Infantry CRIPs Recon 1969

25th Infantry CRIPs Recon 1969 members stationed in an outpost known as the “Sugar Mill” along the Cambodian border.  One of the least secure areas in Vietnam.

Many of the members of the 1969 Recon Platoon Roster were never met by platoon members that served in the unit before them.

Some cross over of active duty tours in the unit happened but most recon members rotated out of Vietnam after fulfilling their 1 year tour requirement.  That is, if they weren’t wounded or killed in action while serving.

The 25th Infantry Recon units all had a role which evolved as each year pasted and new leadership took over command.

Below are the names of the 1969 Recon Unit, reconstructed from 40 year old

John Wintrow 25th Infantry Division Recon Unit

John Wintrow at “Sugar Mill” village of Duc Hue along the Cambodian Border

memories!  Photos were graciously donated for website inclusion by John Wintrow, whom I served with during my tour of duty from February 1968 to February 1969.

John spent his entire first tour of duty with this Vietnam Recon Unit.  John made a career out of the military as did others that served in the 25th Infantry Division Recon Unit.

Anyone that has knowledge or helpful information to identify more members or the current locations of former members is asked contact us.  Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.  We would like to honor as many members as possible.

We also wish to express our deep gratitude to all members of the military that serve.  Helping Veterans, family members and friends move through the healing process from the memories that haunt every Veteran is not easy.  Respect and understanding with a listening ear goes a long way.

25th Infantry CRIPs Recon 1969 Roll Call Roster

1969 CRIPs/Recon Member State
Robert Adkins Washington
Hector Aguirre  
Larry Blevins  
Victor “Doc” Bockhart  
Carl Bolenger  
Harry Combs  
James R. Hampton  Alabama
Phillip Holcomb  
Larry Kieger  
Mark Lamer  
Dennis Mills  
Robert Overman  
Elliot Page  
Ronnie Rowe  
John Wintrow  Texas

If you have additional photos or information on these Recon Members Please use the contact form below.

We proudly remember the men of the “25th Infantry CRIPs Recon 1969”.  

Once a “Wolfhound”, “Always a Wolfhound!”

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