25th Infantry Division CRIPs 1967

25th Infantry Division CRIPs 1967

Roll Call, (Roster) the members of the first C.R.I.P. (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) or Recon as they were sometimes referred too.

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhound CRIPs Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) or Recon as they were sometimes referred too.

The 25th Infantry Division CRIP’s 1967 unit was the first CRIP unit formed. The men listed below were the first members of the platoon.

Below are the surviving members that have been found, along with fellow platoon members that gave their lives in Vietnam.

Others sadly have rejoined their fellow platoon members that were lost in Vietnam, later in life.

Every “Wolfhound” in the 25th Infantry Division added something special to their units.  The CRIP unit was no exception.  Each man that stayed throughout their tour of duty with the CRIP unit has their own special memories, stories and friendships.  Many have maintained those friendships throughout their lives.

Once a Wolfhound – Always a Wolfhound

 Some of the photos and stories of these great men have been withheld to respect their privacy.  Where possible, we will share what we know as members or the Army Recon CRIP units that replaced them as their tour ended.  In some cases we have been graciously allowed to use their photos.  Some of the information provided is based on memory.  Everyone remembers events differently.  Please respect the circumstances in which these memories were created.  Please see our acknowledgement page.

“Wolfhounds Forever”

Louis Anselmo Texas
George Blong New Jersey (Deceased, June 27,1996)
Leonard “Doc” Brooks Texas
Ronald K. Brooks Georgia
John (Jack) Broton New York (Deceased, February 20,2007) Sherry Broton, Jack’s wife, wrote a beautiful letter everyone should read.
Gary Carney Connecticut,  Deceased, November 7, 2001 awarded the Silver Star.
Alberto (Rat 6) Cito Tennessee
Grandpa Clark
Young Boy Clark Ohio
Guy Ed Culver California
John (Doc) Dotson Texas
Michael W. Enbody California, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”
Bruce Esterline Michigan
Clayton Farr Missouri
Rudy Garcia Washington
Gregory Greer “Flash” Gordon Missouri
Russ Hampton Tennessee
James Herndon Oklahoma (Deceased, September 7,1993)
Terrell Hicks Georgia
Ronald Horton State Unknown
Bruce G. Howerter Illinois, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten” (Pat Hux, Robert’s sister works tirelessly to keep his memory alive.
Robert L. Hughes Ohio, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”
Charles Huzzie Georgia
George Jones North Carolina
William F. Joiner Georgia, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”
Robert Mahoe Texas (Deceased, July 30,1995)
Frank (The Barber) Marabello Rhode Island
Donnie Joe Marlar Mississippi, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”
Fred Marquez Colorado
Fred McMullen Louisiana
Borrero (Kenny) Murphy New York
Robert M. Nix KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”
Cloise Orand Tennessee
James “Jim” Ostermann State Unknown
Ralph E. Peters Kentucky, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”
Ernie Polk Hawaii
Nelson Pottenger Illinois
Roy (Crow) Raye Alabama
Peter Sabatino Washington
Luis “Sandy”  Sanchez New York  
Bruce Sexton Kentucky, Deceased – November 2015
Thomas Scott Deceased, December 1974
Gordon Shields State Unknown
Ulysses Stewart Mississippi, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”
Lt. Straub First Name, State Unknown
Gerald A. Tucker Michigan, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”
Eugene “Gene” Underhill Oregon
Bobby Joe Vance Oklahoma
Charles E Youngblood Louisiana, KIA February 12, 1968 Firefight part of the “Mighty Ten”

To those that have preceded us, “Rest in Peace Brother Wolfhounds.”

Please see our acknowledgements page for copyright information and contributions to this website.  We can not thank the 1967 CRIP members enough for allowing the use of some of their photos.  Updates have been furnished by members themselves.

Our gratitude and sincere wishes to these brave men who sacrificed so much which lead to the social changes today.  Today’s soldiers are treated with dignity, honor and respect for serving their country, no matter the motive or righteousness of the orders coming from Washington D.C..  A few decades ago their fathers and grandfathers were despised for serving in Vietnam.  Slandered for serving when the alternative was, easily slip across the boarder to Canada, to avoid the draft.  How long the silence of a generation of combat soldiers and support units helped heal a divided nation.

“My prayers and gratitude go to everyone that served and is serving to have a long rich life.  Always maintain the memory of those lost that served with you, in the best of times and the worst of times.  Amen.”

10 Responses to 25th Infantry Division CRIPs 1967

  1. Richard Sharp says:

    I live in the sun shine state Florida. When I asked if I would go to our recon platoon by 1st Lt John Garrison I had been his RTO in D Co. 3 days later I arrived at Boa Tri and he was already gone.. I was told that he was sitting on the of one of the Jeeps that was hit by a mortar and lost a leg. I have not been able locate him. If any of brother Wolfhounds can tell where he is I would like to no that he is okay.

  2. Richard Sharp says:

    On Feb.13 1968 D Co. called upon to gone on a recovery mission. We arrived at a place that one of the worst battles I had ever seen. I will not describe the scene that we saw when we got to it. I will tell you that almost every man in our Company was mad as hell at what we saw and what they already knew what had happened. Being an RTO sitting in Cu Chi listening to any thing I could find on that PRC 25 I came upon rat6xray calling for air support and being told they were not where they supposed to and would send nothing another RTO came up and said they would be there ASAP. I did not here a reply rat6xray. Though it seemed like hours less than 20 mins. I heard the 5th Mech. arrive
    on scene and got the rest of you out.
    I will never be to forget the day I met THE MIGHTY TEN.
    With LRB
    Rick (Rat6xray) Sharp

    • ronald brooks says:

      hi rick: I want to say we served together with the crip. were you wounded in the hand during one of our firefights? if you say yes then I know you for sure. I was rat6 that fateful sunday in 1968. Let me know if you want to. best regards.

  3. Sgt Rudy Garcia says:

    I was originally assigned to the 101 airborne up north but never reached them, instead I was assigned to the 25th at Chu Chi and went directly to recon, that was in 1966 through 1967. I was one of the original CRIP’S. I now live in the great state of Washington. Thank all of you who served. God Bless us all.

    • Wolfhound68 says:

      Hi Rudy, I will send you a separate reply. If you have photos we can add to the site and you would like to contribute some of your information, we would be honored to have it included. We are adding hundreds of photos to our photo album that were graciously given to us by a war photographer. Welcome Home Brother!

  4. ronald k. brooks says:

    I served as platoon sgt, crip platoon nov 1967 to feb 1968. wounded during tet at bai trai 1968. live in ga and retired after 20 years in the us army.knew all of the mighty 10 because I was with them.

    • Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:





  5. Wolfhound68 says:

    Hello Sgt. Brooks, many of us never had the pleasure of meeting you. We sincerely hope you find the website a healing site for those that served and are serving today. Thanks for your 20 years of service. I left the service soon after my tour was completed. Please comment freely.

  6. John Ewing says:

    I was with C.R.I.P. During TET,I came from Delta Co.What ever happen to Sgt Bowes?

    • Wolfhound says:

      Hi Jomma, I was with you for a time before you went home. Some of the guys, maybe even Doc would know what happened to Sgt. Bowes. Glad to hear you are well. I had spoke to Doc Robinson a year back and he told me you were doing great. Thanks for speaking up. Gary White

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