2-27th Wolfhound CRIP Reunion

2-27th Wolfhound CRIP Reunion 

May 2013

This year the annual reunion will be held in Branson Missouri, the date: May 24-27, 2013 Branson, Missouri. 

Members of the 2-27th 25th Infantry Division CRIP’s meet annually.  Sometimes it is not practical for everyone to travel for reunions.

Home Sweet Home, Cu Chi Base Camp

Home Sweet Home, Cu Chi Base Camp. I wished we had seen Cu Chi more, I may have seen Cu Chi 4 times, once when I came and Once when I left! That meant only two other times.

I was in contract with Leonard Brooks today, the first time in 44 years!  Our memories are about the same, bad!  I must admit, his is better than mine, to be fair.

We discussed many past memories and how the years have not changed our the vivid memories of Vietnam, or the time spent there.

One of the most admirable things I can think of is the dedication to each other the unit still has after over 40 years, some things for Wolfhounds never change!  When a new member is located, should they not be able to travel, the CRIP’s go to them if plans have not already been set that reunion year.

It is always a positive experience to meet old friends.  The difference is your life was always in the hands of each member of your unit.  Bonds like these are never broken.

Enjoying breakfast, catching up on each others lives is what makes the friendship and reunion so important.  If you haven’t been to a reunion, make this one your first.  Use the easy contact form on this website.  Let us know where you are, we would be pleased to renew our relationships with you.

Many of us have never talked about our Vietnam experiences or how it impacted our lives.

If you have never contacted anyone and you were a member of the C.R.I.P.’s Recon unit, please send us an email or use the contact form on this site.  To let us know who and where you are.

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