25th Infantry Division CRIPs 1968

25th Infantry Division CRIPs 1968

The “Roll Call” of the 2/27th 25th Infantry Division “1968 Wolfhound

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhound CRIPs

CRIP’s” members who were assigned to the unit in 1968.

Unfortunately we do not have a complete Roll Call list of the Members from 1968.

Some of our members (roster) were given nicknames and as the years pass those names are what stick with us.  Fighting men of the CRIPS
are remembered for their actions, words and deeds.  The people who served with them will never let their memory be forgotten.
“Wolfhound Brothers” and those that served are “Wolfhounds Forever” .

2/27th 25th Infantry Division “Wolfhounds” CRIP Members that joined the Unit during the year 1968.  (Please Note: this list is not inclusive, names will be added as they are remembered or come forward.)  If you have information or were a member please use the contact form below.  “Once a Wolfhound, Always a Wolfhound!”  

Many members of this unit were there for a short time.  Some rotated home at the end of their tour of duty while others transferred to another unit that had safety in numbers.  We certainly didn’t have that but we had a group of men that

Location Bao Trai, some of the 1968 (CRIP) Recon Group

Location Bao Trai, some of the 1968 (CRIP) Recon Group Front Row: Mike “Ringo” Ringenberg, Jerry Edelman, Clarence Warren, Second Row Kneeling: Jerry Lemke, Standing From Right: “Chen” Vietnamese Interpreter, Bill Petrick, Louis Sheely (head cut off in photo) and Guy Top Left Mike Koteski.

The list below is not complete and we are looking for members that come to the unit in 1968.  If you can provide additional names, state or contact information we would greatly appreciate you using the contact form below and we will send you a private email.

To find out more about each member, “CLICK” on their name, if they have an active linked page, you will be brought to their specific page.  You will find photos, stories, memories and comments by their loved ones and others throughout this website.

Some of the information provided about each member of the recon platoon is based on memory, or provided by their loved ones.  Everyone remembers events differently.  Please respect the circumstances in which these memories were created.

Please see our Acknowledgements Page.

Member Name State from if Known  *A Few Months
Guam Boy Aguon Guam *AFM
Sammy Beasley WIA, New York
Jewel C. Blankenship KIA, March 8, 1969 Tay Ninh, Kentucky
Lance Brown Indiana
Lester Dean WIA, Michigan
Jerry “the Professor” Edelman Florida
John “Jomma” Ewing WIA, Connecticut  *AFM
1st. Lt. John Garrison WIA, State Unknown  *AFM
(First Name Unknown) Sgt. Isreal

Mike Koteski

State Unknown


Jerry Lemke Wisconsin
(First Name Unknown) Lt. Martin State Unknown   *AFM
Eugene “Gene”Medford WIA, Maine  *AFM
Thomas McGill WIA, State Unknown  *AFM
William Petrick Ohio
Lt. Robert Puritan WIA, State Unknown  *AFM
(First Name Unknown) First Sgt. Roman State Unknown   *AFM
Mike “Ringo” Ringenberg Texas
Richard Sharp Florida  *AFM
Louis Shelly Mississippi
Richard “Smitty” Smith Montana *AFM
Clarence T. Warren North Carolina
Gary White Michigan
Winfred Phillips WIA, Texas, *AFM
John Wintrow Texas

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    May we honor And respect This day. 47 years ago we 10 of our brothers. who are known as the mighty 10. I will for always be remembered and to never be forgotten. brother Wolfhound Peter P

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