25th Infantry Recon CRIP’s Reunion

25th Infantry Recon CRIP’s Reunion

Each year the 25th Infantry Recon CRIP’s (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) unit has a reunion.  The 2014 Reunion is scheduled for Peoria, Illinois.

Each year fewer a left to attend.  Some have illnesses that prevent them from

Vietnam war memorial

Vietnam war memorial, more than a memory thousands of families had their lives changed forever because of the Vietnam War.

attending while others have financial issues.  Others simply want to leave behind the memories of Vietnam securely locked into the dark room they have placed the pain.

The reunion was started by the 1967-68 Recon CRIP group in the memory of their fallen brothers, known to the unit as the “Mighty Ten”.

The reunion is selected each year to coincide with Memorial Day.  Many thanks have to be given to these guys for the unwavering commitment to keep the memory and honor of those that sacrificed everything.

The survivors were not unscathed.  Each wore physical and mental wounds of that day.  Many will never know or understand the anguish and questioning of a combat soldier who works with minimal support from other troops.  Does dangerous missions without thinking it could be their last.  Moves relentlessly under enemy gun fire to support and save his combat brothers.

Today we see soldiers doing tour after tour in hostile countries.  People forget how much they sacrifice.  Their family, friends and co-workers know something is different but it isn’t recognizable to the non-combat civilian.  What soldiers see, hear and do changes their lives forever.

The reunions and re-engagement with people that understand is as much therapy as a great time.  You get to find out about grandchildren, marriages and just plain camaraderie with fellow Veterans.  You participate, if you wish, in local festivities put on by VFW’s and American Legions.

The next time you see a Veteran do more than thank them, give them a handshake, they have given you more than you can ever know!

If you are recon member and have not been recognized on this site please forward and email.  Your privacy is assured, but your name will be included in the proper years of your service.

If you want to know about 25th Infantry Recon CRIP’s Reunion

2015 Click this Link for  accommodations. 

May 22-25th Austin, Texas, 


2014 click this link.

May 24-27, 2013 Branson, Missouri. 

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