25th Infantry Recon Soldiers Struggle

25th Infantry Recon Soldiers Struggle 

25th Infantry Recon Website project started because of a contact from a platoon member after 44 years!

It seems odd to stick your head in the sand and never look back at your life as a combat soldier, to those that didn’t serve it’s odd.

Many war veterans do exactly that, they never look back.  The internal struggles of what soldiers see and do far away from home are always lingering in the backs of their minds.

Soldiers are asked to follow orders.  Many times those orders are in direct conflict with their civilian life and behavior but they are in a war zone.  Act or be killed, the safety of your squad, platoon or company may depend on a soldiers reactions in hostile situations.  A worse fate yet is getting one of your platoon or unit members killed.

Our website project isn’t about fighting, although you will see some very impressive war photos depicting the every day life of a combat soldier in Vietnam.

Our goal (mission) is to help soldiers understand and to be proud of serving their country.  Soldiers don’t make policy or start wars.  Politics and tyrants create wars.  Many times we have taken the position as protector of the world.  Rightfully so in some instances.

Regardless of your or my political views soldiers and the armed forces throughout history have been the hammer to enforce our political foreign policy.  That doesn’t mean a soldiers personal beliefs enter into orders or his or her actions taken.  Soldiers are the face of every country.  How soldiers act and present themselves is what a foreign country’s citizens think of your involvement.

Many combat soldiers come back with personal anguish and tormented thoughts, that are in direct conflict with our normal social behavior.  Vietnam veterans were very mistreated because of social bias.  The media played a huge role in the Vietnam War.  The misconceptions that were produced and painted on every soldier that served in the Vietnam War was shameful, to say the least.

This website is designed to help soldiers, families and friends from all wars and conflicts understand the stress and mental issues faced by soldiers.  Many soldiers that come home with horrific injuries from war only get the physical support for a short time.  Most never complain, even though they have a lifetime to live differently than they would have, before being wounded.

Healing and helping combat soldiers heal isn’t a one time effort.  It is a

Doc Brooks and John Broton at Wall 2006

Doc Brooks Sharing and Supporting John “Jack” Broton at the Vietnam Veterans Wall 2006.

long term commitment.  We have lost brothers, sisters, husbands and children to wars.  Their memories never go away.  Our wounded and mentally broken do not go away either, they just stop being noticed, by those that do not deal with their care or comfort.

Families, friends continue silently helping make soldiers lives a little bit better.  If our website can help one family member, one soldier be more open and a single individual donate a little time we have succeeded.

Our wish is to bless every combat soldier with peace of mind and long term health.  Allowing them to achieve their full potential, be productive and active in our society.

Businesses with veteran owners can step up and help those with disabilities become productive.  It shouldn’t be left to Veterans but they have to be the leaders showing the way for other business owners.  It’s a small step to have a disabled soldier work part time to gain his confidence and strength back to face the world he used to know.

We have never sponsored any site or fund raising event, but today we would like you to consider a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Tell them a 25th Infantry Recon Veterans Website sent you.

We appreciate everything you have done.  Do one more thing help a disabled Veteran get his life back one day at a time with a job.


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