The Real War Boys

The Real War Boys This may be a new term for you. For the most part, the Vietnam War (conflict) was waged with 18 and 19 year old young men. Like any teenager, puffed up and not afraid of nothing, full of combat jargon supplied by Army training.  The other branches, – Continue reading

Veterans Helping Veterans

Veterans Helping Veterans, today was my wife and I’s pleasure to offer a returning veteran with a young family a helping hand. They are buying my last home, I invested in 4 years ago.  They are using the VA loan for 100% financing.  Young Veterans do not always have the – Continue reading

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it isn’t something you will see like flu symptoms, where a fever exists, or chills and upset intestinal track. No it isn’t a visual distinction that can be spotted from a distance.   Sometimes, if you know what you are looking for you can spot the – Continue reading

Returning Combat Veterans

Returning Combat Veterans, the transition from being in combat back to the American society. A team of reporters have been following the transition to see if the stories are true.  What stories you may ask, the ones about Veterans having a hard time returning to the life they had before – Continue reading

Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Day 2014, today we honor the active, retired and fallen soldiers that so gallantly gave so much to our country. We also must recognized their families and friends who supported them financially and emotionally.  We don’t put enough emphasis on the daily needs and financial difficulties soldiers and their – Continue reading

Soldiers Coming Home

Soldiers Coming Home can be a traumatic experience. The world you knew before being deployed on active duty, no longer exists.  The calm, the sanity and laughter seems altered.  Most veterans see things that will never be seen by the average American citizen other than on television.   Distorted and – Continue reading

Vietnam Veterans Reunited

Vietnam Veterans Reunited with members of their platoons after 40 years! Many family members, friends and non-combat veterans do not understand the bond.  The relationship of trust and confidence that takes place in a combat zone. We were a band of brothers stationed at an outpost along the Cambodian border. – Continue reading