The Real War Boys

The Real War Boys This may be a new term for you. For the most part, the Vietnam War (conflict) was waged with 18 and 19 year old young men. Like any teenager, puffed up and not afraid of nothing, full of combat jargon supplied by Army training.  The other branches, – Continue reading

The Hidden Veterans

The Hidden Veterans Have you ever considered what it takes to integrate back into the the social mainstream we call society, from a Veterans point of view? You are expected to be normal, act like you did before you went into a combat zone.  Your friends and family think everything – Continue reading

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it isn’t something you will see like flu symptoms, where a fever exists, or chills and upset intestinal track. No it isn’t a visual distinction that can be spotted from a distance.   Sometimes, if you know what you are looking for you can spot the – Continue reading

America Downsizes Defense Forces

America Downsizes Defense Forces, this may seem like a logical step forward to reducing America’s involvement in wars, or is it?  Interesting Consequences. Let’s look a little deeper into the why, before we come to that conclusion.  If you consider the current status of our armed forces then you will – Continue reading

Vietnam Letters Home 7

Vietnam Letters Home 7 My letters home consisted only to my immediate family.  Reading over my Vietnam Letters Home 7 reminded me of how little I knew about Vietnam and the fighting at the time. My seventh letter to my wife. Hi Dear, I miss you so much already I – Continue reading

Returning Veterans

Returning Veterans If and many times that is a big if, you already have a job to come home too, be prepared for a barrage of questions. Shrug off the questions that are invasive.  Believe me you will get them.  For example I have some of them I was asked, – Continue reading