25th Infantry Recon Contacts

25th Infantry Recon Contacts After all these years you would think the number of people interested in the Recon Unit would be dwindling. The opposite seems to be true.  We published information to help veterans and their families heal.  This includes the Iraq, Gulf, Pakistan veterans.  Recently we were contacted – Continue reading

Vietnamese Rehabilitation Centers

North Vietnamese Rehabilitation Center North Vietnamese Rehabilitation Centers were under the radar.  This was the term given to prisons for detainees of the communist government of North Vietnam, after the war. I have interviewed more than 20 former quests of these, so called, Vietnamese rehabilitation centers, men and women alike. – Continue reading

Unmentioned Heroes

Unmentioned Heroes Unmentioned War Heroes, those that fight for their country alongside American troops.  Each time we are in a conflict helping another country maintain stability, we find heroes.  Vietnam was no different, I met some very brave Vietnamese soldiers men.  They were part of the unmentioned war heroes. Remembering some – Continue reading

The Real War Boys

The Real War Boys This may be a new term for you. For the most part, the Vietnam War (conflict) was waged with 18 and 19 year old young men. Like any teenager, puffed up and not afraid of nothing, full of combat jargon supplied by Army training.  The other branches, – Continue reading

America Downsizes Defense Forces

America Downsizes Defense Forces, this may seem like a logical step forward to reducing America’s involvement in wars, or is it?  Interesting Consequences. Let’s look a little deeper into the why, before we come to that conclusion.  If you consider the current status of our armed forces then you will – Continue reading