Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Day 2014, today we honor the active, retired and fallen soldiers that so gallantly gave so much to our country. We also must recognized their families and friends who supported them financially and emotionally.  We don’t put enough emphasis on the daily needs and financial difficulties soldiers and their – Continue reading

Recon Photo Album Update

Recon Photo Album Update we just added a face life to our recon photo album. Now you will be able to choose between a slide show or view individual thumbnail using a mouse over to view a larger sized photo with commentary on each photo. We have included a page – Continue reading

Vietnam Veterans Reunited

Vietnam Veterans Reunited with members of their platoons after 40 years! Many family members, friends and non-combat veterans do not understand the bond.  The relationship of trust and confidence that takes place in a combat zone. We were a band of brothers stationed at an outpost along the Cambodian border. – Continue reading

Vietnam War Tribute Videos

Vietnam War Tribute Videos, from their heart to yours. Many of the Vietnam War Tribute Videos were created by veterans themselves, sharing from their heart. For most the intensity of combat will never be known, that’s why soldiers fight, so you don’t have to learn the tension, anxiety and loss.  Events – Continue reading

New Vietnam War Photos

New Vietnam War Photos, just released after 45 years! Never before published Vietnam War Photos, from recon soldier’s personal photo albums.  Sharing unseen private photo collections for the first time, is a big step into a dark past for many Vietnam Veterans. These men have shared these photos to help – Continue reading

Vietnam War Photos

Vietnam War Photos, many never seen before, may be a glimpse into the future evolution of military “special operation” methods. Our Vietnam War Photos Albums have been stored for more than 40 years, in members closets.  Very few people have viewed these photos.  Some of the photos are captured photos – Continue reading

Vietnam 1968 Letters Home 4

Vietnam 1968 Letters Home 4 from a Recon soldier to his wife and unborn child. (son)  Some personal information has been edited out to the integrity of the website. Hi Honey, It is hard to believe I have been here a month already.  11 more months to go and I – Continue reading

Newly Released Vietnam Photos

Newly Released Vietnam Photos, first time shown recon photos of NVA and Vietcong on Ho Chi Minh trail, secret meetings and ceremonies. Recon units from all branches of the service are shown while serving in Vietnam. Included photos from the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy Sea-bees, showing the dangers – Continue reading