Army Recon Jerry Lemke

Army Recon Jerry Lemke served with the 25th Infantry Division C.R.I.P. Recon unit.

Many people do not know Jerry is a highly decorated C.R.I.P. (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) member.  One of his mission assignments he earned the Bronze Star.

For the men Jerry served with in Army Recon Jerry Lemke was always a guy

Jerry Lemke (right) Mike "Ringo" Ringenberg Army Recon 25th Infantry Division

Jerry Lemke (right) Mike “Ringo” Ringenberg, the two would become life long friends, Army Recon 25th Infantry Division.

ready to have fun no matter what the circumstances.  Jerry could switch modes in a second and get down to business, defending his platoon members when on patrol too.

Jerry served over 90% of his tour with the Wolfhounds 25th Infantry Division Recon unit of the 2/27th based out of Cu Chi.  That based out of Cu Chi statement doesn’t really tell the story.  The real assignment location was Bao Trai along the Cambodian Border for most of his and the Platoon’s time in Vietnam.  Then when MACV wanted more of the compound we were transferred to a less defensible location called the “Sugar Mill”, to the troops.  The actual city or should I say hamlet was Duc Hue, Vietnam.  This location, Duc Hue, was closer to the Cambodian Border and the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Jerry made a difference for the platoon by keeping people smiling, engaging them in activities like basketball, football and the occasional drinking contest!  Jerry has kept in touch with “Ringo” since leaving Vietnam in 1969.

The daily life of being in a war zone atmosphere didn’t deter Jerry from writing home, listening to his fellow platoon members or playing a prank or two!  Discovering one self isn’t going to a war zone along the Cambodian border searching for enemy soldiers.  Most people would think finding oneself as a retreat or praying, seclusion and reflection.  Where we were stationed you did a ll of those things and sometimes in the same day!

Jerry made our Army Recon platoon better.  He stepped up when he needed too and kept the morale up when it was low.  I am sure Jerry will be adding some articles about his time in the 25th Infantry Division CRIPs Recon Platoon.

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds Recon Insignia

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds CRIPs Recon

Everybody remembers something different and the impact it had on their lives.  Army Recon Jerry Lemke seems to just go together.  Now living in Wisconsin and “Ringo” live in Texas emails and cell phones keep them in touch with each other.

One thing every member of our recon platoon has in common, that started out 1967 as C.R.I.P’s recon.  We are part of the 25th Infantry Division “Wolfhounds” and will be “Wolfhounds Forever!”

The inscription is commonly translated “No Fear on Earth”.  In a war zone you soon come to realize to overcome fear you have to face it!

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