Bruce G Howerter

Bruce G Howerter

Another of the “Mighty Ten”, a Sargent with the 25th Infantry Division CRIPS assigned to the Hau Nghia province capital city called Bao Trai, gave his life in combat.

Mighty Ten Bruce Howerter Rest in Peace

Mighty Ten Bruce Howerter Rest in Peace

Sargent Bruce G. Howerter carried out duties that are most times like everyday life.

At work you are asked to do or implement directions you don’t always agree with.  Orders are orders in the military.  You don’t ask questions, you carry out your orders.

Although I didn’t serve with Bruce I served in the same unit.  We were key to providing direct information or intelligence report confirmations of enemy movements, build-ups and localized Vietcong activity.

The unit was situated in a hotbed area along the Cambodian border and primary route of the Ho Chi Minh Trail dumping into South Vietnam.  Hau Nghia and Tay Ninh were the units most assigned areas.  These provinces along the Cambodian border were known by Army intelligence and Pentagon sources as one of the most unsecured provincial areas in South Vietnam when this unit was formed.

Bruce G. Howerter Wolfhound CRIP

Bruce G. Howerter Wolfhound CRIP, gave his life so others may live February 12, 1968.  One of the “Mighty Ten” Forever a Wolfhound!

February 12, 1968 Bruce G. Howerter became a member of a never to be forgotten group we CRIP’s (Combined Recon Intelligence Patrol) call the “Mighty Ten”.  He lost his life in an ambush.  Out numbered and out gunned they fought valiantly, side by side.  Heroes all, who were there that day.

Bruce Gordon Howerter always remembered, never forgotten, a “Wolfhound Forever”.  A brother to those he served with and to the CRIP’s that followed in his footsteps.

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