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You can contact the 2/27th Army Wolfhounds Reconnaissance C.R.I.P.’s Team through this website.

We are the surviving members of the 2/27th Army Wolfhound Reconnaissance C.R.I.P. (Combined

The Helmet of the CRIP's, their photos, their stories!

The Helmet of the CRIP’s, their photos, their stories!

Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) Team of the 25th Infantry Division. 

The Army Reconnaissance C R.I.P platoon was formed in 1967 and was absorbed into the 2nd of the 27th Infantry Division in 1969.

It is estimated that less than 100 Army soldiers were assigned to this specialized unit, during recon platoon’s existence. 

The units home was the 25th Infantry Division, based in Cu Chi, most of us spent our time stationed at two primary outpost locations.  Bao Trai or Duc Hue “The Sugar Mill”.  Doing our Work in Hau Nghia Provence or Tay Ninh Provinces, along the Cambodian border.

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds

If you were one of these soldiers please contact us directly.  Make sure to send your email, one of the membership members will contact you back as soon as possible.

One a Wolfhound “Always A Wolfhound”, we look forward to hearing from you.

If you are a family member of a “Wolfhound” we would like to extend our hand and hearts to you as well.

We would like to know what happened to our “Wolfhound Brothers”.  Please use the Contact CRIPs form below so we may have one of the leadership contact you back as well.

It is important to remember both the heroes and the people who we shared so much of our lives with in sorrow and joy.

God Bless those that served so we can be free!

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Michael “Ringo” Ringenberg (1968 CRIPS)

Mike & Gayle Ringenberg-"Ringo"

Mike & Gayle Ringenberg-“Ringo” Enjoying life together! A Vietnam Decorated Veteran.

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    1. Nelson Pottinger says:

      Nelson Pottinger here. I’ve lost all my information in a fire. Please contact me 630-000-0000. Would like to hear from you Doc or any of the guys that served. Waiting to hear.
      CRIP Forever,

      Please Note: Nelson’s phone number is on file, Send a message via the contact us form and I will be happy to give you the phone number to members that personally know Nelson.

      Member privacy is important.


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