Donald Vaughn Recon

Donald Vaughn Recon and Gunship Team Member.

Donald Vaughn may not be a name you know or have heard of in the past.  Like so many Vietnam era soldiers Don went beyond what was asked of him.

He probably didn’t have his biggest impact as a recon member but as a member of a Gunship Team.

The protectors of the sky that swoop down and support ground troops

Photo Donald E. Vaughn

Donald R. Vaughn crip member and Gunship Team member on second tour.

and recon units.  Most people unless they were in modern day combat never have seen a gunship in action.

I can tell you first hand there were a few times I would have kissed them on the lips for saving our butts!  They show up, guns blazing and positioning themselves for a shot to launch the rockets to quiet enemy fire.  Many times it is all we needed, a little suppressing fire on enemy positions to slip away without injury or loss of life.

Don recently contacted us, in his words “Never expected to hear back”.

We never miss an opportunity to share with a combat brother or to help a veteran when we can.  Don sent me this photo, because we have this habit of verifying who people are, before we open our arms and embrace them as combat brothers.

This part may be a bit embarrassing for Don because most of us are very private.  We know unless you have been there it is very hard to understand.

Donald E. Vaughn Newspaper Clipping

Donald E. Vaughn was honored in his hometown newspaper. You can see why.Here is something Don also shared.

Here is something Don shared from his hometown newspaper.

Just thought you ought to know these guys made a difference in our lives and everyone they contacted.

Thanks for sharing Don, we appreciate you service and contacting us.  We wish you and your wife all the best.



We will be adding some of Don’s photos in our Photo Album Page.  If you haven’t viewed it take a minute or an hour, might take that long with over 285 rare Vietnam War Photos.


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