Donnie Joe Marlar

Donnie Joe Marlar

A Sergeant with the 2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds “Army Recon CRIP” unit.

C.R.I.P. (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Patrol) was station in Bao Trai, the Hau Nghia Province capital.  In 1967, by most intelligence accounts Hau Nghia Province was one of the least secure provinces.  Bordering Cambodia and continued enemy activity on the Ho Chi Minh trail providing an enemy pathway to Cu Chi and Saigon.

Sargent Donnie Joe Marlar is one of the “Mighty Ten” that lost his life in a fierce fire fight ambush.  It is one thing to know the enemy is lurking, waiting to spring a trap or compromise your protected position.

Being placed in this situation isn’t what most people think.  You are caught in a position where valor can create survival for your brother’s in arms but may cost you your life at the same time.

Most combat soldiers never give a thought about doing anything but protecting their combat brothers.

Mighty Ten Donnie Joe Marlar a "Wolfhound Forever"!

Mighty Ten Donnie Joe Marlar a “Wolfhound Forever”!

Donnie Joe Marlar will always be remembered as someone who stood up for his brothers in the worst conditions possible.

We have a saying in the Wolfhounds, “Once a Wolfhound always a Wolfhound!  Donnie Joe Marlar will always be a “Wolfhound” remembered FOREVER!

Many years have past and the memories for those that survived still are as vivid as the day it happened.

Most people will go through their entire life without ever having fought in a war zone.  Others will never forget the experience! It is with you everyday.  You can not make it through a day without without some distant memory or experience popping into your head.  The veteran may never mention the thought aloud to anyone, but he never forgets.

Donnie Joe Marlar Wolfhound CRIP

Donnie Joe Marlar Wolfhound CRIP, gave his life so other platoon members could live, February 12, 1968.

Family and friends will always wonder how different life would have been if Donnie Joe Marlar, hadn’t given the ultimate sacrifice to help save his brothers of the Army Recon CRIP Unit that day February 12, 1968.
We know his efforts saved the lives of his platoon members that day, we will be forever grateful. 

Donnie Joe Marlar will always be remembered as one of the “Mighty Ten”!

Once a Wolfhound always a “Wolfhounds Forever!”

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