Help A Veteran

Help a Veteran, isn’t a handout.

It is a real opportunity to return pride and dignity to a wounded soldier and their family. It is an opportunity to help family members and children that were left behind by a veteran who served his country and us with the ultimate sacrifice…their life!

Veteran’s don’t want a handout.  We didn’t serve to get in harms way, but we

Children of Veterans need your help.

Children of Veterans need your help. Just a little for the wife’s and children can be a blessing.

never backed down either.  We served because it was the what our country asked us to do.

Whether you agreed or didn’t with the wars and conflicts, those that served did it to protect American interests world wide.  Not all wars and conflicts have been popular or provided the expected results.  That is for the politicians to sort out.  The veterans just did what was asked.

Many veterans come home to an uncertain future.  Others come home wonder how they are going to put their lives back together after being wounded in action.

We can say they volunteered so it is their fault for stepping forward and taking the oath to serve and defend the United States and it’s people.  You can also say the government sent them and I pay for services through my taxes and the VA (Veterans Administration) should take care of them.

You could say all those things and every word is true. BUT, it wouldn’t make a difference to the man or women that has to little to survive or needs that little extra help to regain their strength and mobility.  No your words would be pretty hollow to them.

The words won’t help the widow with a child make the mortgage payment that

Vietnam war memorial

Vietnam war memorial, more than a memory thousands of families had their lives changed forever because of the Vietnam War.

is working two jobs and trying to raise a little boy or girl alone.

This isn’t a sob story, in fact most veterans will never stick out their hand or ask for help even when they are down to their last dime.  Instead they would give it to you, if they thought it would make a difference in your life.

Offer a hand, make just a small donation to one of your local veteran organization that help other Veterans.

Offer a handshake, a smile, a kind word.  When I can back from Vietnam those handshakes, smiles and kind words were hard to come by.  America was bitter, angry and even vengeful at times.

Make a difference to a Veteran that needs your help.  Buy a bike for a Veteran’s child or some other item, as a way of saying thank you.  You’ll be surprised how good it makes them feel and how happy and appreciative they are.  It will also give you dividends and a warm sense of knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.

Send a child to camp.  Not everyone Veteran has the resources to send their child to camp after losing a husband or wife.  Or recovering from a life changing injury.  Many come back to under employment.

Give a gas card, a gift card to a favorite restaurant to the first Veteran you meet.  You can carry that give card for weeks, you’ll know when the right person is worthy of your gift.  Paying it forward never will feel better than the day you had a gift card to Veteran.  Watch the disbelief and smile come across their face.  It isn’t what you say, it is what you DO!

Offer a little of yourself, it goes a long way.  If each of us opened up our hearts with a little donation it would be an amazing tribute by American’s to American’s!  We all could use one less trip to a restaurant this year.

Thank You!

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