Horst Faas Vietnam War Photos

Horst Faas Vietnam War Photos, his photos will be remembered because they captured the faces and raw emotions of the Vietnam War.

Horst Faas shared his ability to capture Pulitzer Prize winning photos with  young people too.  

Host Faas was hired as a Associated Press photographer during the early years of the Vietnam War.  Most of his work is so touching the people outwardly show their emotions while viewing the photos.

The Denver Post published many of Horst Fass memorable Vietnam photos.

Here is the link to those photos:  Horst Fass

He started a young Vietnamese, would be photographer, Nick Ut off on a Pulitzer prize winning career with the Associated press.  He originally hired Nick Ut to clean cameras and run his darkroom.  Soon Nick had snapped so many photos of his own trying to capture the feeling shown him by Horst Fass.  You may not recognize the name but you will.  Nick Ut, who now lives in California, took the photo that became known as the “Napalm girl”.  He was a young 21 year old risking his life to show the truth about war.

The reason we have included this story is because we worked the Trang Bang area, as a reconnaissance platoon.  Other well known areas were Tay Ninh, The Saw Mill, The Horse Shoe and others that only have meaning to the men that served.  Soldiers named areas and associated the events with those names.

Each name has a memory, good and bad.  The name “Napalm Girl” stuck with the photo of the little 9 year old girl that hit the front page of life magazine taken by Nick Ut.  The real story is, Mr. Ut drove Kim Phuc to then Saigon saving her life.  Ms. Phuc now lives in Canada some 7 hours from my front door.  She has used the aftermath of that awful day to become an international symbol for peace.  Her foundation works tirelessly to find alternative means of dispute resolution than war.

We have in our possession one of the original slides that Mr. Ut took of kim on

Napalm Girl, Trang Bang Vietnam

Photo Taken by Nick Ut, A similar photo was published in Life Magazine Copyright’s of that photo belongs to Life Magazine and Nick Ut. Shown for illustration only as one of the original slides and commentary. Note: Slide Reproduced with permission for commentary, the Slide Owner Mike Ringenberg.

that day,  Kim Phuc who became the “Napalm Girl” over 40 years ago.  Her full name is Phan Tai Kim Phuc and is married with two children.  Many years and surgeries later she still lives with pain.  If you look closely on the bottom left the slide was developed in November 1972.  The actual even happened June 8, 1972.  I had ended my tour of duty in Vietnam February 1969.  The actual photo used by Life Magazine and the Associated Press was a wider angle showing Kim Phuc’s brother to the left.

Host Faas created the opportunity for Nick Ut to become a Pulitzer prize winning photographer.  Many outside the world of war photography will not know that Host Fass himself was a two time Pulitzer Prize winner.

War photographers risk everything to show pictorial views of war.  Most of the photos taken by war photographers do not need words added.  The commentary is to help the viewer know where the photo was taken and some event information for identification purposes.  The rest is self explanatory.

Horst Faas Vietnam War Photos were just as important as those the paved the way for war photography and those war photographers of today.  High risk with little reward.  The reward for their efforts is our ability to see the reality of war.

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