Jewel C Blankenship Wolfhound Recon

Jewel C Blankenship Wolfhound Recon
25th Infantry Division Vietnam 1968

Jewel C. Blankenship joined our unit as a happy go lucky soldier assigned to the 25th Infantry Division Wolfhound CRIP Recon unit in Bao Trai, Vietnam.

Many of us had been with the unit for months when Jewel was assigned to us.  I think his nickname “Jewels” stuck almost immediately.  He was someone that you could count on, his stiff, stick-to-it attitude was apparent almost immediately.

He was always willing to help.  He made friends quickly and became close to Mike “Ringo” Ringenberg, Jerry Lemke and Lance Brown.  Exactly where the photo below right was taken, I have no idea.  It was graciously provided by “Ringo”.

Jewel C. Blankenship on right, Mike "Ringo" Ringenberg other person in Photo 25th Infantry Recon Members 1968 Vietnam.

Jewel C. Blankenship on right, Mike “Ringo” Ringenberg other person in Photo 25th Infantry Recon Members 1968 Vietnam.Mike“Ringo” Ringenberg and Jerry Lemke along with   

Jewels had a serious side, as soon as a mission was announced, Jewel turned into a soldier.  Focused and ready for action.

I wasn’t at Tay Ninh that day Jewel was killed.  I had already finished my tour in Vietnam.    I was state side in the “Real World” as we like to refer to the US from Vietnam.

Lance Brown spotted me at the mess hall, after he had finished his tour of duty in Vietnam, in Ft. Benning, Georgia.  

Jewel C. Blankenship, KIA Tay Ninh

Jewel C. Blankenship, KIA Tay Ninh, the last words you expected to hear was Jewel had been killed. It can happen to anyone but Jewels was a fun loving kid with his whole life ahead of him. He will always be missed!  Photo scanned from the Vietnam Photo album of Mike “Ringo” Ringenberg.

Lance shared the news with me that “Jewels”, as we called him”, had been killed during a firefight in Tay Ninh.  It was sad and terrible to think he was only months away from coming home and was killed.  The saying, “bad things happen to good people” couldn’t be more true.  “Jewel’s” was one of those great people that had so much more left to give, when his life was cut short.  I had lost another friend the same day Lance shared “Jewel’s” death with me.  It was an accident on post.  This is tribute is about Jewel, he will never be forgotten!

He was along way from his Kentucky Home.

Jewel C Blankenship Wolfhound Recon, KIA March 8, 1969 Tay Ninh, Vietnam.

Once a Wolfhound always a Wolfhound!

“Wolfhounds Forever”

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