Michael W. Enbody

Michael W. Enbody, a 1st. Lieutenant with the 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds Army Recon Unit C.R.I.P.’s.

The commanding officer of the CRIP’s at the time of the ambush.

"Mighty Ten" Michael W Enbody

“Mighty Ten” Michael W Enbody, Rest In Peace

We never leave a man behind, and we “Never Forget” our brothers that served.

Heroes all, who gave everything so others might survive.  Wolfhounds of the 25th Infantry Division were special, but the CRIP’s (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Patrol) were a small band of “Brothers” who served together bonding, sharing and crying along with and for each other.

Life is dependent on your “Brother” in arms.  You become closer than family in most cases.  Ask most veterans and they will tell you during their time on active duty in combat zones their unit or platoon was family.

Lt. Michael W. Enbody Wolfhound CRIP

Lt. Michael W. Enbody Wolfhound CRIP, the leader and fellow Wolfhound will never be forgotten, one of the “Mighty Ten” February 12, 1968

The leader directs, carries out orders, counsels and even becomes a father figure for many.  The Vietnam War created men out of young soldiers.  Michael William Enbody was a young and eager lieutenant ready to serve. Hardly older than many of the troops he was assigned to lead.

Lt. Enbody knew the dangers that lurked in Hau Nghia and Tay Ninh provinces, as did his men.

He was promoted to 1st. Lieutenant posthumously. 

He will never be forgotten as one of the “Mighty Ten”.  

Michael W. Enbody with always be a “Wolfhound Forever”

Rest in Peace Lt. Michael William Enbody.

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