Military Tribute Videos

Military Tribute Videos are sometimes difficult to watch and hear.

Military Tribute Videos are a way of thanking the members of our military forces that give so much so we can continue to live our lives in freedom.

Our website is dedicated to the healing of veterans, loved ones, families and friends.  So many people have produced such wonderful military tribute videos.  We thought we would share some of the military tributes that were written from the heart.

These videos will make you cry, reflect and understand all in the same brief time it takes to play one of them.  Some of the videos have been viewed more than a Million times.  That should tell you the impact they have had.  One viewer sharing with another so each can share in the experience of honoring our military veterans in their own way.

Angel Flight is the first of the videos to be included.  This particular video has such deep meaning it crosses generations.  We sometimes think of World War II veterans or Korea and Vietnam because of the casualties but every war leaved it’s lasting scares and impact on both sides.  I heard someone say, “If we could send the politicians to war we wouldn’t have any more wars!”  There may be some truth to that.

Welcome to Angel Fire

Tribute Song – 10000 Miles Away written specifically to honor today’s veterans.  Some of the photos of those being remembered in the video you will remember.  Others being honored you will never forget.

 Military Tribute a video selected for its impact and feelings.  Each of these military tribute videos offers a slightly different way of saying thank you to to those that gave a little and those that gave everything.  In our minds, as Vietnam Veterans we don’t think anyone gives a little, but we certainly have those heroes among us that give everything!

God Bless Our Heroes! 


“The Promise” written by Jack Murphy shares the feelings of a soldier and the loss of a friend.
 Serving together for a short time yet becoming closer than family.  Only those that served can understand the bond that happens in a combat unit.


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  1. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    Thank you for posting and for all the service men & women.

    God bless you and the families.

    Every day is a gift from God

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