Missing In Action Vietnam

Missing In Action Vietnam Veterans and Military attached civilians have remained unaccounted for since the end of the Vietnam Conflict.

The United States Government places the number at 2539 “Missing in Action”.

The most recognized symbol for those missing in action or being detained as a prisoner of War or during a Conflict is the Black Flag, with the bowing head soldier and a guard tower in the background.

MIA-POW Flag symbolizes Those lost but NOT Forgotten!

MIA-POW Flag symbolizes Those lost but NOT Forgotten! The men of the 25th Infantry Division Recon has not forgotten them either.

I prefer to think of the impression of the solder with the bowed head as contemplating escape!

The current number reported by the United States Government as the official count of missing in action is 2539.   Most of these missing soldiers after 44 years will never be found.

From the grief a SCAM has emerged.  Some low-life uses the list of names on the POW missing persons reports to find relatives.  Once they locate the relatives, who have faced the reality of their loved one not coming home, they give them new home.

  • The tell the family they have proof of a sighting in Vietnam.
  • They show them a photo that has some resemblance to the lost loved one.
  • Then of course they say it will take money to travel to Vietnam to find their loved one who may be dazed or without memory and passport to get home.
  • They also tell them this is a dangerous journey and they are willing to take it to retrieve their loved one and bring him home!

All along this is a load of crap!  I can’t think of anything that could be lower than pulling on the emotions of a loved one of whom the SCAM Artist has no knowledge.  The find someone to dress like the POW and even use makeup to adjust features.  Most times the photo is just out of focus.

If you are contacted by anyone telling you this story call the police immediately.  Get a photo of them for your scrap book, because you may be looking at the next missing person spending the next 25 years in prison.

The KIA (Killed In Action) statistics by branch of service now stand at:

ARMY  38,224

Marines  14,844

Remember those Killed In Action

Remember those Killed In Action! Remember the Wolfhounds as they served and protected!

Air Force   2586

Coast Guard   7

Total Casualties of the Vietnam War  58,220

They deserve our honor and respect.

My uncle was killed in Germany in World War II, at the age of 19, my father served in the Navy as a “Frogman” removing explosives from bridges as the American forces moved toward Berlin.  They are both gone but not forgotten.

 The heroes of Vietnam served in a different part of the world. Many are missing in action and may never be found but they will never be forgotten.

Today new heroes are being created everyday by average men and women in new parts of the world.  Their sacrifice is not less or diminished in any way.  Their efforts will never be forgotten by their brothers in the Armed Forces, by their family and friends!

Rest in Peace Heroes “You will Never be Forgotten!”

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  1. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    Thanks Gary, very well said. The sacrifice our hero’s have made

  2. luis medina says:

    To me the MIA’s are always going to be alive. No matter what, I still stay in contact with them day by day through prayer. Never say never, we are going to find them. The United States is a country that no matter what, they never leave them behind. One they are just patience, because god is patience.

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