Murphy Neal Jones POW

Murphy Neal Jones POW helping Veterans heal by sharing his story of survival.

I had the pleasure of talking with Col. Murphy “Neal” Jones.  He is a man among men.  He flew over 90 missions into North Vietnam as a pilot under the call sign “Opel 2”.   Neal said, I was one of the “old guys” I started flying missions in 1964, 65 and 66.  We had a no fly zone imposed on us that create a 30 mile radius around Hanoi until 1966.

Not many people know his call sign was actually spelled “Opal” but one miss spelling and the Call Sign spelling stuck.

Murphy Neal Jones POW

Captain Murphy Neal Jones right after being shot down and paraded through the street of Hanoi.

At the time, then Captain Jones, was on the the first mission of hand picked pilots to strike Hanoi after President Linden Johnson gave the OK.  Captain Jones was shot down flying an F105D having sustained a direct hit from a 85 mm anti-aircraft round after avoiding a SA2 surface to air missile.   Colonel Jones says he was destined to be a prisoner, he was born in prison!  His father was a prison warden in Angola federal prison.

Colonel Jones was flying at over 600 miles per hour
at a 1000 feet when his aircraft was hit.  

We owe our gratitude to “Neal” as he is known in civilian life, for his sacrifice.  His time in captivity as a prisoner of war by the North Vietnamese for over 7 years from June 29, 1966 to February 12, 1973.  We found the original 16 mm propaganda film when Col. Jones was paraded through the streets of Hanoi and wanted to return it to him.  He has never seen the complete film of about 6 minutes in duration.  It is our honor to give it to him.

This began his life as Murphy Neal Jones POW.  “Neal” has graciously given us

Murphy N. Jones POW

Captain Murphy N. Jones, begins years of captivity as a POW shown shortly after being shot down in his F105D Fighter Bomber.

permission to show his capture film on our website and link his talks about his survival presentations.

Without air support I can’t even begin to think of how many more soldiers might have been lost in South Vietnam.  The reconnaissance missions monitoring North Vietnamese troop and supply movements were crucial.  Those of us on the ground have always held pilots in our highest regard.

Even today you will not find a more patriotic soldier than Colonel Murphy N. Jones, retired USAF.  You would think POW’s (Prisoners of War) would harbor malice and hatred.  Neal and his wife went back to Vietnam in 1998 on a healing trip.  We are going to ask if he would contribute his thoughts.  We will happily publish them here to help others understand.

In his heart he hopes soldiers of today from all branches of the service can heal from the scars of war.  He reminded me, “we are “all” soldiers, doing what we are told to do!  We don’t make policy, we don’t have to agree with policy, we are obligated by oath to carry out the orders of our superior officers.”  Neal did more than just carry out orders!

This amplifies his honor, belief and sense of duty.  He faced year after year of uncertainly as many of the captured POW’s endured.  I am sure Neal never thought he would be a POW while attending Tulane University.

Today Colonel Murphy Neal Jones is one of the most well known patriots of the United States.  We salute him and all the men that fought for the United States.  We cannot express our gratitude enough to those that gave so much.  When you see people standing with their hand over their heart during the National Anthem there is a reason for your freedom.  Somebody has paid the price so we can live free.

One of our 1968 Vietnam Reconnaissance Members “Ringo” Mike Ringenberg is going to make arrangements to meet with Col. Murphy “Neal” Jones.

Murphy Neal Jones POW Film

Murphy Neal Jones has never seen his POW propaganda film in it’s entirety. We are going to give one of our National Heroes part of his life back. Hopefully our website can help others heal as well.

Mike is going to personally present him with this historical film propaganda on behalf of Veterans everywhere!

Col Jones, our “Thank You” and gratitude isn’t enough for all you have given and continue to give Veterans and their families.

10 Responses to Murphy Neal Jones POW

  1. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    Gary when you found me two months ago and started creating this website for our brothers, sisters and families of the Armed Forces as a healing site, together we prayed we would be able to reach all Veterans. This is just one step closer to our goal.

    Please let us hear from you. This website is for everyone

    • Wolfhound68 says:

      Healing is helping each other. Developing a dialog for Veterans to Help Veterans not just Vietnam era but those of today can find peace and understanding by taking the time to talk with other Veterans that have walked the walk! Colonel Jones has done more than Walk the Walk!

  2. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    We owe a great deal to Colonel Jones. The guy who converted the
    16 mm film to dvd ran it backwards. Can’t believe it..good help is
    hard to find. But the film does speak volumes about what Neal went through. God bless!

    Remember Thank a veteran!


  3. Rhonda Rogers says:

    I have and wore Captain Jones’ POW bracelet until the day he came home. It is a cherished possession. If he would like to have it. I will gladly give it to him. With gratitude, Rhonda

  4. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    Oh Thank you Rhonda. Thank you for supporting our troops in a not so polar war. I will contact him. I know that would mean a lot to him.

    May God bless you and yours.

  5. Coralee Pascoe says:

    I also have a POW bracelet that I wore. I would be happy to send it to him if he wants it. I want to thank all the vets who fought for us.

  6. Barb Farmer says:

    I too wore and still cherish my POW bracelet that I wore for years with the name of Murphy Jones. To be honest, I wasn’t sure he returned so I have kept him and his family in my prayers all these years.
    Who knew, I was a junior high school kid an spent my money on a POW bracelet for Capt Jones. Years later, I ended up marrying a fighter pilot. May God Bless you and your family Capt Jones.

  7. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    Thank you all for offering your POW brackets. I talked with Mr. Jones and he sends his prayers and thanks for you all praying for him. He ask me to inform you that he wishes for you to keep them.
    He is very honored by your devotion to our great country and our service men and women. He sends his love to all.

    God bless you and America.


  8. Stan Hamelin says:

    Glad you made it home sir. Perhaps you may have known my grandfather, Capt. Howard E. Rutledge USN (deceased), who was also held as a POW from ’65 – ’73. He was a member of the “Alcatraz 11.” I love to hear from you. As for this site and its contributors, it’s great that you have provided this family with this footage. I could only imagine what it would be like to have such a treasure!

  9. Wolfhound says:

    Stan I wished we could have found out more for you. I think the one to contact may be Senator John McCain. He was there along with Captain Jones.

    Sorry we could not be of more help. We are all proud of your grandfather.

    Gary White, Recon Member 68-69

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