Ralph E. Peters “Mighty Ten”

Ralph E. Peters “Mighty Ten”, one of 10 men who lost his life during a fierce firefight in Vietnam on February 12, 1968.

Ralph Edward Peters from a small community of Bonneville, Kentucky, the 2000 census showed Bonneville had a population of 111.  Just like Bonneville, it was personal for those that served with Ralph, it was personal for his family, friends and town too!

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Ralph E. Peters “Mighty Ten”, was trained as an infantryman, he joined the C.R.I.P. (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) Recon unit in July 1967.  Being drafted like thousands of fellow soldiers wasn’t exactly how Ralph had his life planned.  Yet, like thousands, Ralph went into the service to do his duty, as he seen it!

His world and every combat soldier’s world quickly changed.  Ralph was assigned to the CRIP Army Recon Platoon of the 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds located in Bao Trai, Hau Nghia Province, Vietnam.  Located along the Cambodian border, many missions were initially convoy protection.

Later Ralph’s platoon evolved into the C.R.I.P.’s and shortly after that in early 1968 a Army Recon platoon.  The missions changed and so did the danger level.  General William Westmoreland believed, small units could more easily infiltrate enemy areas without being spotted, as quickly.  The Army Recon platoons soon became a counter guerrilla strategy and Ralph E. Peters was right in the middle of a very hostile area.  Ralph and his Recon Unit were being assigned missions to find the enemy.  Confirm intelligence reports on location and size of forces present.

During a mission on February 12, 1968 the platoon was ambushed by overwhelming numbers of Vietcong and NVA (North Vietnamese Army) regulars.  The enemy had superior firepower leaving 10 KIA’s (Killed in Action”) and many wounded.

The enemy tried to “Walk-Down” the unit after the initial assault.  Many don’t know this term but it is exactly as it sounds.  The enemy got up from their concealed positions and came toward the remaining CRIP platoon members, shooting a firestorm of bullets.  The goal was to walk up and finish the remaining members of the CRIP recon platoon.  Ralph Edward Peters and the others of the “Mighty Ten” helped save their fellow CRIP platoon members lives that day.  They will never be forgotten.

Ralph E. Peters “Mighty Ten” of the 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds C.R.I.P. Army Recon Platoon.

Rest in Peace Brother Wolfhound.

“Wolfhounds Forever!”

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