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Recon Member Photo Album photos contributed by Recon Unit Members, to help you find a loved one or family friend.

You will be able to look at the descriptions below the photos and your loved ones name will be included.  If, by happenstance, he is marked unknown, please send us an email.  We will update the photo description as soon as possible to include your loved ones name.

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds

2nd of the 27th, 25th Infantry Division Wolfhound CRIPs

CRIP Recon Member Photo album includes many photos by Year of Service with the CRIP unit.  Many members have provided other photos since they came home.  This will allow you to see the transitions from “Warriors” to civilians.

You can also go to the Roll Call page to see members names and year of membership in the CRIP unit which was part of the 25th Infantry Division 2nd Battalion 27th Infantry “Wolfhounds”.  This Army Recon Unit was the brainchild of General William Westmoreland.  We were the only Army unit to be stationed by itself.  All other Army Recon Units were included in larger forces and given assignments or missions as an extension from their unit.

Each known CRIP member has a dedicated page to help share their story and time with the unit, if they have chosen to do so.  Many provide their stories of transition back to public life.  While other members remained in the military to have distinguished military careers.

Looking at the ages of the CRIP members now is astonishing.  I was one of the oldest at a bit over 21.  The average age in our recon unit was 19 1/2, when arriving in country.  They changed from laughing teenagers to serious fighting men very quickly.

The CRIP unit distinguished themselves as fearless fighters.  Sometimes out of necessity and later because that is what you become in a war zone.

This is a tribute to those that shared the CRIP Member Recon Patch.  It is believed that less than 120 men were members of this elite Recon Unit, over the 3 1/2 years it existed.

The Recon Unit CRIP Patch, their photos, their stories!

The Helmet of this Army Recon Unit, was a Black Beret, the Crip Recon Unit Patch was worn by a Proud Few!

At the time, many of us didn’t know the significance of our efforts, missions or participation in the CRIP Army Recon Unit.  Time and reflection have a way of blending the reality of a brotherhood that will last forever.

Our saying has never wavered.  “Once a Wolfhound Always a Wolfhound”!  A better band of brothers would be hard to find.

Our signature call is “Wolfhounds Forever”.  The 2nd of the 27th within the 25th Infantry Division

25th-Infantry Division Tropic Lightning Patch

25th-Infantry Division Tropic Lightning Patch. 25th Infantry included the Army Recon Unit C.R.I.P.’s, who worked areas along the Cambodian Border and Ho Chi Minh Trail routes.

Wolfhounds has approximately 1600 known active members.  The significance of those that served the CRIP Army Recon Unit is so few that served in this unit survived.  Currently we have less than 40 known members surviving.

The year served is based on when the CRIP Member came into the Unit.  The beginning year and rotation year or date left, in some instances overlap.  We had others that were with us but transferred out or were wounded, we never seen them again.

We upload new photos to our album often.  Our Recon members find photos and send them to our webmaster for inclusion.  We will be happy to include your Vietnam Era photos, please make sure you give us labeling information so we can give you credit.

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