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Recon Photo Album, photos of the United States Army 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam Recon and C.R.I.P (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) Units, including family and friends, in some cases

All branches of the Armed Forces are represented in our photo albums including many never or rarely seen photos.

The “Recon Photo Album” has been graciously shared by members and families of those who served.  Our Recon Photo Album serves as a tribute and reminder of the struggle to maintain humanity while serving in a combat war zone.

Please NOTE:
Some Photos May Be Disturbing, these Photos are original
War Time Photos, untouched.

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The contributors own the photos and slides presented in this photo album.  The contributors have given their permission for inclusion and exclusive use for this website.  These photos may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission of the owner. 

The photos share daily life in an Army Reconnaissance Platoon, mission photos, aerial photos, photos of those that survived and transitioned back to civilian life.

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Sgt. Medford, Jooma "John" Ewing, Jerry Lemke, Smitty
Bao Trai Heliport for movement of our Recon Unit
Our Fuel Depot for the Recon Unit at the Sugar Mill
John Wintrow with local ARVN's
Recon Unit being Extracted after a mission 1969
John Wintrow manning 60 cal machine gun
25th Infantry Division Recondo Patch
Bao Tri 1968 Recon Group
Bao Trai, 1968 Recon CRIP Members
Bronze Star with V and Purple Heart Medals
25th Infantry Division Tropic Lightning Patch
25th Infantry Division Wolfhound Insignia