Robert L Hughes “Mighty Ten”

Robert L Hughes “Mighty Ten”, a distinction of heroism.

Robert L Hughes will always be remembered for his valor and being part of the “Mighty Ten”.

Robert L Hughes "Mighty Ten" Army Recon Platoon CRIP's

Robert L Hughes a quiet man who lost his life February 12, 1968 so others in his platoon might live! A “Wolfhound Forever”

Robert will also be remembered by those that knew him a great guy.  Someone who kept to himself unless he had something to say.  Being stationed with the 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds meant you were in the thick of things.  Being attached to the 2/27th CRIP (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) meant you were on the front lines by yourself!

Robert was attached to the outpost compound in Bao Trai moving back and forth from here and Duc Hue, more commonly known as the “Sugar Mill” to members of the CRIP Recon unit.  This was one of the least secure areas in South Vietnam and many times the enemy had superior numbers.  We had the firepower most times, they usually out numbered the recon unit when they attacked.

One thing many people failed to realize, you are a small platoon of men doing the job of a company of men 4 or 5 times your size.  When you get in the thick of a firefight you need help fast.  This help was gunships, artillery, additional troops or extraction by helicopters and usually right now.  Any delays and you were going to have casualties.  The VC (Vietcong) and NVA (North Vietnamese Army) never engaged you useless they felt they had a superior advantage.

On February 12, 1968 the platoon was ambushed.  The CRIP’s were surprised by a larger force of enemy, that laid in wait.  The enemy used RPS (Rock Propelled Grenades) rockets, small arms and a hail of machine guns bullets in the attack.

Many were wounded or killed in the initial attack.  Robert L Hughes was defending his platoon members when he lost his life.   He had wounded members of the platoon all around him.  He was defending their lives.

Leonard “Doc” Brooks was closest to Robert when Robert was hit the first time.  “Doc” recounted the ambush details later to his family and Robert’s sister Pat Hux, who keeps Robert’s memory alive today, over 44 years later.

Robert never stopped fighting or protecting his platoon members.  Robert L Hughes “Mighty Ten”, belonging to men of honor and courage and selflessness so others might live.

Robert will always be a member of the “Mighty Ten” and a 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds.

Rest in Peace Brother Wolfhound!

“Wolfhounds Forever”

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