Robert M. Nix “Mighty Ten”

Robert M. Nix “Mighty Ten” remembered, 10 lives lost in an ambush.

Robert is remembered by those that served with him and followed Robert Michael Nix in assignment to the C.R.I.P (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon) Recon platoon.

Robert was stationed in Bao Trai, Hau Nghia Provence as part of the 25th Infantry Division Wolfhounds, near the Cambodian border, a dangerous assignment. Nix photo Nix.jpg

Tay Ninh was an un-secured region, according to Army Intelligence, for a staging and resupplying of NVA (North Vietnamese Army) and VC (Vietcong) guerrilla fighters.

In 1967 the 2nd of the 27th within the 25th Infantry Division formed a group of specialized soldiers hand selected by key intelligence officers to form the C.R.I.P’s.  Robert was one of those selected.  He had trained as an Armor Reconnaissance Specialist.  Many of the first missions were assigned to guarding supply delivers.  The jeeps had special machine gun mounts fitted for the M-60 machine gun.

The CRIP unit evolved into a Recon later with missions including direct targets and sweeps, patrols to catch the enemy off guard.  The objective was to find, disrupt and report.  Allowing ground troops to engage the enemy.

One of the factors that impacted the “Mighty Ten” and other platoon members was the number of men involved.  If you met enemy resistance in most cases you were outnumbered.  Support from the air and/or artillery had to be swift and on target to prevent casualties.

Robert Michael Nix and the other members of the “Mighty Ten” were out numbered, out gunned and ambushed all in one fatal event.  They fought valiantly and their efforts saved the lives of other platoon members.  They will never be forgotten by the men that were their or the men who followed their footsteps in the Army Recon Platoon.

Robert Michael Nix “Mighty Ten” wrote his own story as a hero along with the other 9 members of C.R.I.P. that lost their lives that day.

The “Mighty Ten” will be remember forever as heroes and Wolfhounds.  Once a Wolfhound, “Always” a Wolfhound, of the 25th Infantry Division.

Rest in Peace Robert.

“Wolfhounds Forever!”

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