Roll Call

Roll Call,

A “Roster” of those that served in the 2/27th of the 25th Infantry Division CRIP Unit.

The 25th Infantry Division was stationed at Cu Chi.  

Our recon unit was stationed 46 miles northwest of Saigon along the Cambodian border.  These men were asked to do missions that many other units would have questioned.  General William Westmoreland created these small bands of specialized soldiers to find and eliminate small band raiding parties.  This was the forerunner to the Black Ops teams of today’s military.  Missions were given by the CIA and for the most part we were unprotected by any large forces.  Our small band of men were to sneak around and find the enemy.  Our job wasn’t to engage them, but sometimes your only survival method is to fight your way out.  I must say Gun Ships were our friends in the sky!

CRIP's 25th Infantry Division Vietnam Map Bao Trai Base Camp

CRIP’s 25th Infantry Division Vietnam Map Bao Trai Base Camp

25th Infantry Division Tropic Lightning Patch

25th Infantry Division Tropic Lightning Patch

Each Year is dedicated to those members of the CRIP unit that served during that time frame noted blow.

I am sorry to say, we currently do not have all the names of all the members that served during 1967, 1968 and 1969 to complete our Roll Call list.

If your loved one served with our unit, we would like to know, so we can add his name to our roster.  We have a motto that is unwavering, “Once a Wolfhound Always a Wolfhound”.  Regardless if your loved one is living or having rejoined our brothers who fell on the battlefield, we would like to make sure they get the credit they deserve.


We estimated no more than 100 men served in this elite unit.  Performing reconnaissance and intelligence gathering functions in a hotbed of Vietcong and NVA (North Vietnamese Army) activity along the Cambodian border and Tay Ninh areas.

You can use the links from this page or click on the drop down menu to access the “Roll Call Roster“.

The Helmet of the CRIP's, the Black Beret-their photos-their stories!

The Helmet of the CRIP’s, the Black Beret-their photos-their stories!

each year for a Roster of those that served that we have found so far.  Some people will be remembered only by their Unit name, which is a nickname that could have been given to them for some action or quirk.  Other nicknames were associated with the member because of the state.  We had a Sgt. E6 we called Tex, because he was from Texas.  I found out a few days ago his last name was Robinson.  I never would have never remembered his name after 40+ years but Tex stuck in my head.  That is what we called him for as long as he was with our unit.

Each Member has a dedicated page sharing their story.  Where they came from, where they served and with who.  If they survived a little detail about what happened to their lives after Vietnam.

It isn’t all war stories, it is human interest stories.  War veterans integrating themselves back into the American society.  A society that didn’t want to hear about them or from them.  Didn’t want to know what they did or their struggles to survive in a war zone.

Click the following Links to see the years in which different members served.  Then click on the name of the individual member to read their story.

Roll Call for Members of Specific Years: 1967, 1968 and Roll Call 1969.

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