Sargent Charles E Youngblood

Sargent Charles E Youngblood, one of the
“Mighty Ten”
 Wolfhound CRIP’s.

In the military when you mention Wolfhounds valor and enemy engagement always come up in the conversation.  Usually preceded by a “WOW” to those that served.  The Wolfhounds were one of the most decorated divisions in Vietnam.

Charles E Youngblood was one of those “special people” within the Wolfhounds and the 25th Infantry division.  Serving in a specially formed unit within the 2nd of the 27th Wolfhounds called the CRIP’s (Combined Reconnaissance Intelligence Platoon).

War has no protected ones, just gallant ones that will sacrifice everything to protect their fellow soldiers.  Sgt. Charles Youngblood was one of the protectors.

Sgt. Charles E Youngblood

Sgt. Charles E Youngblood will always be remembered as one of the “Mighty Ten” that lost his life so other may live.

He lost his life in doing what he knew he had to do.  February 12, 1968 in a far off place few have been and fewer have heard of Sgt. Youngblood was fighting in a fierce enemy ambush.  He and nine (9) of his fellow platoon members were killed, with other members gravely wounded.  They protected each other until they could get out.

Sgt. Charles E Youngblood - Wolfhound CRIP Recon

Sgt. Charles E Youngblood – Wolfhound CRIP Recon one of the “Mighty Ten” February 12, 1968. “Wolfhounds Forever”

Sgt. Charles E Youngblood and the other nine that were lost that day are always remembered as the “Mighty Ten”.  They were “Wolfhounds” in the highest tradition and will be “Wolfhounds Forever”.

It is difficult to put into words the sacrifice he made, to those that knew him and loved him.
To his fellow soldiers he will always be remembered as a Warrior, a Wolfhound and CRIP who made the ultimate sacrifice so others in his platoon may live.

Sargent Charles E Youngblood is a 

Wolfhound Forever!

Rest in Peace Brother Wolfhound.

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