Seeking Military Buddies

Seeking Military Buddies 

We get many inquiries from family members and soldiers looking for anyone that knew their relative, served with them or was with them at their last moments.

After considering this emotional and heartfelt topic, our group made a decision to make a specific page where we could include these requests.

Looking For War Buddies

Recon Buddies in front of a bunker.

We will not include the persons contact information on the website but will forward any and all responsible responses.  I used the word responsible because from time to time we get haters that send emails telling us we are are a bunch of hired killers for the government.  We never publish any of these emails and all comments on our site are filtered and published only after manual review.  It isn’t our goal to filter out negative comments just the vulgar useless stuff by haters.  They seem to hate themselves and life.

Everyone has their opinion I think they sniffed
to much glue or paint fumes or is it huffed? 

We find, nearly everyone that sends us mail has a genuine interest in Veterans and their lives.

Our goal is to help find people that knew or served with the Veteran military members.  It’s one more way we can say thank you to our Veterans.

If you send in a “Looking For Buddies” Request please include a Photo.  This helps jog the memory of people much faster.

Seeking Military Buddies, LOOKING FOR People That Knew Them:

MSG Larry Mead, MACV Vietnam 1969-79

Looking for a little help. I was with the 11th ACR 3rd squadron. I was the radio operator for Army fire support for a recon mission of a VC basecamp with a Mercenary Unit with a Green Beret Cpt. in charge. This was in Dec . 15-18 1968 . On our trip out of the boonies we came across the 25th that was probably doing a search and destroy mission. There were some reporters with the unit. Can anyone tell me where we were at? Did the mission had a name ? Also a Big thanks for the ride back to a base camp. I was an FNG being in country only for a week .

No Problem, you were just outside Tay Ninh.  One of the hot beds for enemy activity at the time.  It was the 2nd of the 27th Wolfhounds running a company (S & D) search and destroy sweep.  Hope this helps you.  The embedded reporters were part of Newsweek, according to mission document, now available online.

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