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Terms of Use, conditions understood, agreed too as part of your participation and use of our website.

25thInfantryCRIPS.com was created to share and heal.  Remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, those that served, including helping family members and loved ones heal from the effects of war.  Those that served deserve our respect.  The men and women that sacrificed their lives serving our country left behind many people that loved them and continue in their memory.  The wounded who live with the aftermath of war because of physical or mental wounds.  Their families and friends who stick by them and help.  The communities that extend a hand to the veteran families we applaud all of you.

The photos and stories are copyright protected.  Any use without the written consent of the photo owners is strictly prohibited.

All comments are monitored.  This is a family friendly website.  Distasteful Language and Slurs will not be published.  You will given one warning by email.  If the situation requires you could be block or banned from using the website.

Spam comments are automatically blocked and the IP of the sender blocked. 

Privacy Statement

We do not share any personal information of members or users without the written consent of the member or user.  The information shared will be directed to the member or user and they make the final decision on how the information is handled on their behalf.

If you would like to make contact with a member of the Recon unit please send an email using the contact form below.  The member will be contacted and your contact information given to them.  If they decide to contact you back that is between the member and you.

Many members value their privacy and would rather remain anonymous.  Thus we only publish the members name and state.  All other details are up to the individual members to add.

The website is constantly changing as new member participate and found.  Photos are being added on a weekly basis.

Every combat veteran is welcome to comment and participate.  Family members of veterans are also encouraged to comment.  Combat veterans come from every branch of service.  Some branches have a more direct combat role than others yet without the support from the other branches success would not be possible.

The public has every right to know what happens and how difficult it is for a combat veteran to integrate back into society.  The publics comments and questions are encouraged.  We will be adding a forum so open dialogue which will be moderated.

Welcome home Veterans we salute YOU!

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  1. Jon K. Puff says:

    I was with the 4/9th Manchu’s in Go Da Ha with the CRIP unit in 1968-1969. Photo on Facebook Jon Puff

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