The Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels is an intricate system of self-preservation.

Many may not share this viewpoint but if you consider a foreign invader in America, I would be a guerrilla fighter by night.  Most WWII, Korean and Vietnam war veterans would take up arms, just like the Vietnamese people did.

Politically we were supposed to be there to help them (the Vietnamese people) resist communism.  In that era and at that time it was easy to stir up political emotions.  Today we have Iraq and Afghanistan.  The resentment isn’t on the soldier for these (Wars or Conflicts) it is squarely on the political powers that lie and miss lead the American public, getting sons and daughters killed.

My personal thoughts about the Cu Chi tunnels is simple.  I was a lowly drafted guy.  I wasn’t in charge of anything but bringing myself home in one piece.  But it does not take a rocket scientist to know the Vietnamese used tunnels against the French.  Why wouldn’t they use the same tunnel systems against the Americans?  That doesn’t take a general to figure out.  It doesn’t take a high level CIA Intelligence operative to figure out either.

The lack of intelligence has always been an issue in every war.   We had career soldiers, advanced scouts, if you will on the ground in Vietnam before we every landed troops.  What were they doing having a beer at the corner pub and collecting easy money from Uncle Sam?

Our unit did missions in areas that were highly tunneled.  We occasionally found an entrance by accident.  It was not a directive to find tunnels.  I never heard of one mission assignment to look for tunnels as you do your recon patrol.

The Vietnam war is long since over and I don’t look back at could-a-should-a-would-a!  What I do think, we should use our history lessons to know more about our enemy and be more flexible in our thinking.  Address each situation, battle and conflict with maximum intelligence resources.

As you view this film please understand the Vietnamese people were in the fight of their lives, for land and nation.  We stepped into what is often considered a civil war between the North and South.  Hind sight is always 20-20.

As soldiers we did what we were told.  There were times in my life I would have shot all of them if I could have.  I am sure they felt the same way.  Those serving today harbor these same feeling.  Lose a member of your platoon or team and see where you head going in a War Zone.

This is a long film presented in a documentary format using Vietcong and North Vietnam Army interviews and perspective.  It is interesting to hear and see how your one time enemy reacted to our military efforts.

We stepped into what is often considered a civil war between the North and South Vietnam. Hind sight is always 20-20.

Support your Veteran they are doing what they are told.  If you don’t like the direction of the military…VOTE!  Change Congress, Change the President.  VOTE!

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  1. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    The unit had tunnel rats and hats off to the crazy guys, but when your in the field, and find a tunnel,. we didn’t have time to call for them..
    They always looked for the small guy, gave you a flashlight and a 45. Good luck GI. I think we all did a little time in a tunnel. Booby traps, snakes, scorpions, stakes, to include someone opening a trap door and blowing your head off . Just another day in the field.

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