Veterans used in Secret Experiments

Veterans used in Secret Government Experiments?

You may think this is from old, but what would you think if I told you it was from 1922 through 1975?

This means Vietnam Era Veterans were exposed to, on a volunteer program basis.

You remember in basic training you were told by fellow soldiers not to volunteer for anything.  I don’t know how many times I was told that, but volunteered for some pretty outrageous stuff.

NPR broke the story after some of the test subjects came forward.  The law firm Morrison and Foerster, representing the lawsuit by veterans, reports that there were at least 70,000 troops subjected to this chemical testing.

I have asked NPR for permission to reprint the article and have it on the website for you to read.  The best I can do for know is share the audio interview and give you a link to the NPR published article.  Use this link to read the full article as written by NPR.

The broadcast and interview by NPR is on this page.  Make sure you listen to it.  I do not know if others than the volunteers were infected by chemical agents or not.

The whole dismal reasons are pretty shady to begin with, it seems.  If you read between the lines it reads like a science fiction novel.  The military wanted to create a super soldier by controlling emotions.  Such things as Fear, most of my fellow soldiers didn’t seem to have troubles in this area.  Fear gives you the emotion of caution.  What would happen to a soldier that through caution to the wind and had no fear?  I can tell you and I am not that smart a guy.  I don’t need a PHD to figure this one out.  They would be dead!

Think of the number of casualties and KIA’s based on soldiers being chemically altered to have no fear.  Many of us can attest to NVA and Viet Cong soldiers being high on opium and other hallucinogenic drugs during battle.

Since this lawsuit started in 2009 of thereabouts not much has been published.  Certainly the VA hasn’t

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alerted anyone I know of, at this time about being chemically experimented on.  They say it was on a volunteer basis.  I wonder how true that is really.  I know they have lied to us so many times even by non-disclosure.

Did you know, for example, you had to ask for Agent Orange health care within a year of leaving the service?  I don’t every remember anyone sharing that tidbit with me.  They have rejected my agent orange exposure claim I don’t know how many times.  A couple time I was told they couldn’t find my records because the building they were stored in was burnt down.  So my DD214 showed my service but where was a mystery to the people that were supposed to being helping me with benefits.

So do I buy into full disclosure by the government…NO, NEVER, not going to happen in this lifetime.  Do they lie, Yes.  Do they cover up, Yes.  Do they conceal information, YES.  So tell me again why you should believe them.

The care you receive falls squarely on the Veterans shoulders.  You do the research unless an outside agency is willing to help you.  You provide copies, such as short records.  I still have mine from Ft. McClellan, Alabama.  Most will not have these records yet, unless they were as anal as I am.

Ladies and Gentlemen be warned, the government has filed an appeal this is going to drag on for awhile.  Sound like on of the other tactics that the government employed, wait long enough and the veterans filing the claims will die.

I will contact the attorney group and ask for more specifics.  If I get them you will be able to find them on this website.

Best of Luck Brothers and Sisters, nobody said it would be easy.

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