Vietnam Gunship Helicopters

Vietnam Gunship Helicopters, saviors from the sky.

We have the utmost respect for helicopter pilots in a war zone.  I personally turned down helicopter school when I joined the service.  The reason was simple, the life expectancy was six months and I needed to extend my stay of active duty.

We get ours in trouble and they always came to our aid.  Weather was a factor but not a hot (gun fire) LZ (landing Zone).

Door-Gunners were my heroes too!  They would lay down cover fire while we scrambled onto the choppers.  Most of the time we quietly did our job.  Sneaking around looking for enemy contact so we could call the big boys to come fight.

I thought you might like to see some tribute videos to the guys that saved our behinds whenever we asked.  Even if we didn’t ask nice a few times.  I always remember one saying a Master Sargent told me.  “It’s tough to drain the swamp when you are up to your ASS in alligators!”  That pretty much summed up Vietnam.

Huey Helicopter did the lions share of work for us.  They had 60 caliber machine guns on each door and rockets one each skid and they weren’t afraid to use them.

I can remember my first look at one of those strange looking Gunships they called a Cobra.  It didn’t take long to understand why the name was chosen.  The pilot moved his head and the nose mounted cannon moved with his helmet.

Tubes full of rockets hung like mutated bee hives on each side of the chopper.  These rockets changed the enemies advantage in more than one battle.   Of course the strangest thing of all was the width.  It was not much wider than the pilots body.  It looked like the pilot used a shoehorn to get into the cockpit.

All I can say to these guys is Thank You!

The Cobra and Huey Pilots along with their door-gunners made a difference in thousands of ground soldiers lives.

This video share a little different look at the life of a Helicopter pilot and the door-gunners than hung out the door at extreme angles to save our butts.

Vietnam Gunship Helicopters wrote new pages on how to protect ground troops with heroic flying and bravery.

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  1. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    When in a fire fight we would call in gun ships and we would pop smoke, to show the enemy’s position. The enemy found out they could throw the smoke back on our position. So we made sure the gun ships knew exactly where we were. So people called that OJT, on the job training. The enemy adapted well.

  2. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    I also wanted to thank those jet pilots. When you called in the big boys , you were in deep do do.

    We will never forget the smell of napalm, the heat, the gasoline, the sticky. Big thank you guys.

  3. Leslie Pearman says:

    Mississippi is building a Vietnam memorial replica wall.
    Please watch for its completion and join us for the dedication in one year.
    I am the PROUD daughter of a gunship pilot. Thank you all for your service.

    • Wolfhound says:

      I added your comment to the site and will be adding an article to direct people to your site to help raise funds. I also edited the website link so it is correct. This Veteran Memorial Wall Replica will be very well received. The traveling wall gathers thousands of people to see it at each stop it makes. Thanks for sharing with us Leslie.

  4. Mike Ringo Ringenberg says:

    I went to the traveling Vietnam wall last year in Magnolia, Texas, and it broke me down. There was a lady there who lost her brother in the war who took care of me. Please support and visit any and all memorials walls. No telling what you will leave behind.

    God bless all out Veterans

  5. Larry Harlamert says:

    Hello brother,
    From one Centaur gunship pilot to another, It actually made me cry to see all this again.
    Need to study this.
    God Bless

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